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Monday, May 30, 2011

Brief thoughts about Senator David Norris

So after listening to an excerpt of 'Liveline with Joe Duffy' today (May 30th, 2011) I was prompted to give my two cents on the matter of Senator David Norris, possible, and hopefully next President of Ireland. You can listen to the show here:

Basically, a journalist called Lucy Burke hopped up on her soapbox, for reasons she believed valid and claimed David would'nt and indeed shouldnt be a presidential candidate based on an interview she conducted with the Senator back in 2002. Said article can be found here:

After listening to the callers on Liveline, (always a bizzare bunch if you ask me. One lad even stated Senator Norris should be locked up for what the article attributes to him)and reading both the article in question and the Senator's rebuttal,

(found here:

I have this to say:

I would like to believe there are enough intelligent people in Ireland that can see the difference between an honest discussion and tabloid, ignorant sensationalism. The article by Lucy Burke clearly took the conversation out of context in my opinion. The fact that there are sections highlighted in bold print just reeks of tabloid hackery. I actually agree with what Senetor Norris said in the article. While not gay, I can understand the alluring idea of being brought into the sexual world by someone who is older than you. It goes without saying (something Ms Burke didnt seem to realise) that obviously, there is zero support for underage sex. At least of the kind that she aluded to. Who in there right mind, when aged between, say, 14-16 would pass up an opportunity to fool around with a slightly older prospective lover of say 16-18? When I was 16, I would’ve loved the chance to fool around with an older girl. I’m sure gay teenagers of both sexes have the similar ideas/fantasies.

Now, my first thoughts on Ms Burke were those I usually attribute to the Liveline 'guests'. To wit: Potato headed buffon. Yes, i'm judgemental and all that jazz. Bite me. Then after a few minutes I started wondering, like others did, if Ms Burke had some sort of anti-Norris agenda that went further than an obscure interview from the dawn of the century. I can say century, because that is exactly what 2002 was. Ha, awesome. Anywhoo.... genuine concerned, albeit misguided, citizen? Or hack journalist looking to grind her axe? I shall let make up your own minds.

This missive brought to you by the number 37, the colour purple and this picture

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