The Giving Lens

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Tale of Zombie Bob

Once upon a time, in a world far different to our own, there was an Island. An island of fantastic, magical people and wondrous creatures. This Island was called Aurora. The natives who lived there had perfect, happy lives. There was no crime. No poverty. No sickness. There was however, amongst all the beauty and joy, a village; and in this village, there lived a little boy called Bob. Bob was different. Bob didn't have any magical powers like the Elundi tribe of the Hilo Hills. Nor did he have the brute strength of the Galatoi people from the North Plains of Halsdurugun. Nor did Bob have the outstanding beauty of the White Maidens of Kalandra's Keep. No, Bob had none of these features. Why not, I hear you ask? The reason was because Bob was a Zombie.

Bob had a difficult childhood. He was found in a basket on the beach one day by Elum the Wizard. Elum brought him back to the village and decided to adopt him. But as the years progressed, Bob developed a taste for brains and not the local fruits and vegetables the other villagers ate. This worried Elum and so he tried to create a potion to rid Bob of this affliction. It did not work however and when Bob approached his 8th birthday, his lust for brains insatiable, he was cast out by the villagers and forced to live alone in a small house outside the village gates. Bob was lonely. He would invent games to play and try to become friends with anyone who passed by, but nobody wanted to talk to him. This mad Bob sad.

When Bob was 12, Elum told him that he had created another potion and that he thought it would work. Bob drank the potion and slept for 3 days. When he awkened, he felt strange. His skin was a lovely shade of orange, he had beautiful green hair and he no longer felt the need to consume the brains of the innocent villagers. Everyone was happy and they welcomed Bob back into the Village. Bob attended school, and made lots of friends and was finnaly able to play all the games he had invented. But Bob was angry. He despised everyone because of how they had treated him. One night, he snook into Elum's Magic Chamber and drank all the potions he could find hoping that he would again become a zombie. It worked. Bob's hair fell out, his skin became dark and grey and his hunger for brains returned. The next day, Bob waited for all the villagers to fall asleep and then he attacked them. He ate all the brains he could and turned the remaining villagers into zombies. Revenge is sweet, Bob thought.

And they all lived hapilly ever after. The End.

And to think, I wrote an translated this for one of my Italian classes at Uni. Time well spent.