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Friday, February 10, 2012

Wanna help make me look stupid?

You know you do. I'm annoying, I complain a lot, i'm an arrogant son of a bitch, a know-it-all smartarse who at least some of you would love it if I got my fair share of ridicule!

Now is your chance! ^_^

There is this thing called Shave or Dye which is a Today Fm (Irish radio station) annual fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society. The website can be found here:

So the thing is this: I promise to dye my hair and you good people sponsor me for it with all monies going to the Irish Cancer Foundation. A very wortyhy cause indeed. But wait..."Dye your hair, Adam? that's a bit lame!" I hear you say. Well, that's where it gets fun for all of you! I have no say in what colour or colours my hair shall be dyed. No control at all over how my head shall look. Rainbow head? A full head of hot pink hair? That's up to you. Come the first week of March, when I have recieved all the money you wonderful people have pledged, I will ask all of you what colour or colours you want me to sport on top of this lovely cranium of mine and the colour with the most votes is the winner. Hopefully by the 7th of March I will then share with the world my lovely new hair do.

"Ah, but you'll just wear a hat like always" cynical, you people are! hats (unless it's really feckin cold)

So there ya have it. You get to make me look like a twonk, and we all get to help of a great cause. What do ya say, team?

This is the website you can use to donate online and keep track of how much has been raised.

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  1. Insert "you don't need any help from me" quip. I'm there! May have to wait a couple weeks per pay day (his, not mine. I get a stipend!) May come off like a cheap ass, as I've a new prescription that is silly priced. Would a tenner be frowned upon? Any chance you're using the MyCharity facebook app? If so, how do you like it? (P. wrote it!)