The Giving Lens

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love thy neighbour?

Arnt humans lovely? They rape, murder, destroy, lie, cheat and steal. In fact, we are the only species on this planet who cause harm to others just for fun. I'm bored and I want something to do. I know, I'll go out and shoot something or I might even rape a baby. A dead baby! (Only species to fuck our own dead aswel.) But I must be home early, I've got church in the morning!

I just watched a video that accompanied a story about a man in Nigeria (according to comments, the people in the video are speaking Nigerian) who is set upon by a gang, in the middle of the day, on a busy street, and is kicked, punched, beaten with makeshift weapons and then set on fire to die in the street. All the while the local towns folk just stand idly by with their camera phones recording and taking pictures. The reason for this insane cruelty and apathy, according to self proclaimed Nigerian speakers, is that the victim is a thief and or murderer. Original claims that the man was gay and was thus set upon is most likely the reason this video was released online but in case, sexual orientation is irrelevent.

How is it that people can just treat another human as if they were an inanimate object? What does it say about that particular country's attitude to life? What exactly is wrong with us as a species? Seriously. Religious or not, how can anyone justify what happened to that man, and countless others?

I look at the world how it is and I both marvel and cry. Capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares, people everywhere need to fuckin cop on. There was a warning before the video saying extremely graphic and that you wouldnt be able to watch the whole thing. I was aprehensive for the first minute or so and then I just kinda became numb. I think i'm so used to how people treat each other, not even an act or pure, sadistic, public cruelty like that could really phase me.

Fuck the world and everyone it,
We squander our potential,
We dont deserve any of it.