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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Primetime: Meet the Presidential Candidates.

So I Just watched Primetime's interviews of the Presidential candidates. I took a few notes on them while I watched. Notes that represent my instant reactions to who they are and what they said.

Michael D.Higgins: Respectable. Bit old but good 1st impression

Gay Mitchel: Twonk. Party Line parrot.

Martin McGuinness: Up himself. Terrorist.

Mary Davis: Pink Jacket. Do we really need another woman president? We have a Mayo toaiseach. That's enough.

Dana: Timmoy!!! Jesus, she actually sounds like a Stepford Wife. Her only weakness is crying. Apparently.

David Norris: Huge respect for the man. I was delighted when he announced when he was running. Pissed off that he was turfed out of the race. Its great that he got back in. C'mon, David. Sad that the whole interview was based around the feckin letters. Thats all it was. Everyone else got various questions. Another media attempt to assasinate Norris' character.

Sean Gallagher: Bald. Fianna Fail. Doesnt have a chance as far as I can see.

I hope to fuck that this campaign isnt yet another opportunity for RTE and the tabloids to drown Norris in horseshit.


  1. Nope, Norris lost my support a couple of months ago. Do NOT throw your weight around as a senator (pretty much powerless and a body that needs to be abolished anyway) on government letterhead when your motives are personal. And don't be such a political amateur that you bow out and then come back. Not exactly faith-inducing. Either fight and stay or go away.

    He'll get a lot of votes for the same reason Obama did - because of what people want it to say about themselves and a good narrative not for the politician he is/can be. I refer you to any of Michael D's speeches on YouTube. Now, THAT man is a politician, a statesman, and a canny fucker (when you ride in to save Norris, don't think you won't pick up his transfers).

    Naw, I'm not so gone on three piece suits that I wouldn't vote for the older, better candidate. Oh, for the right to vote...

    Nice run-down of the candidates though!

  2. Good points :) I thought the exact same about Mr Higgins. He'd make a good president. I want it to be him or Norris. Just aslong as it's not any of the other eejits.

  3. My favourite new local blog (by which I just mean Irish) did a run-down it'self with one line descriptions. Last one is my favourite!

  4. Ha! It's finnaly happened! You're talking Irish-y on the interwebz!