The Giving Lens

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In My Perfect World

Here's a poem by me. Enjoy ^_^

In my perfect world there'd be,

An abudnance of that most glorious word, "free"

Nothing would tear this world assunder,

There'd be no need to rape and plunder.

We'd all get along, as would dogs and cats,

And everyone would wear silly hats!

Travel the world without tax or Air fare,

You could see 18 countries in a year, who'd care?

Muslim, Christian, Mormon or Jew,

Forget religion, we'd start anew!

There would be no such thing as a "Holy War",

You could spend each night with a different beur.

Or maybe you'd want to be with the one who matters,

And live your lives like mad fucking hatters.

There'd be no such thing as education fees,

And adventurers wouldn't take arrows in their knees.

Bigotry, Homophobia, these things would desist,

Because in my world, they wouldn't exist!

Disease, violence, ills which plague our mortal race,
I'd say "Fuck em all, let's band together and explore space!"

These are just some of what would be unfurled,

If I had my way, in my own Perfect World!

Photo by Thierry Legault. 2011


  1. That's it; we're founding The Silly Hat political party! A natural coalition with the Pirates.