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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FEEB! One boiled egg.

When will we be free from the yolk of outdated religious stupidity? See what I did there?

Having been raised a catholic, participated in all the silly rituals and having excaped sodomy while an alter boy (despite wearing hotpants to church), I was about 13 or there abouts when I realised that I was getting a bit old to have an imaginary friend who lived in the sky. Now, as i approach my 28th birthday, I'm still amazed that there are people who still want religion to be a part of the education system in Ireland. I could easily rant for hours about why religion is one of the worlds most destructive forces and has retarded millions of people for centuries, but i wont. I'm far to lazy to write a book. What I will say however is this: If religious educatiu=on is to exist in schools, then it should be just that. Education. Not "taught" by nuns or priests or anyone connected to an organised religion, but by intelligent, rational people who understand the importance of a healthy mind. Discuss the history of the religions of the world. Openly and honestly. How they were founded, how they evolved and the role they play in todays world. Dont sit 30 children down in a class room and tell them that if they be good and pray for nice things that they'll live on after they die. Dont tell them that if they are bad or dont believe in the wrong sky fairy that they will spend all eternity in agony and suffering. Tell them about the horrors commited in the name of God and Allah and whoever else. Tell them about the inherent evilness and hateful bigotry that exists within these organisations. Tell them to read books by Dawkins and Hitchins etc (or at least let them watch debates on youtube and possibly even organise their own debates) Teach them the value of questioning everything. Encourage critical thinking and rational thought. Expose them to all religions, not just the one that is dominant in their own country.

A school is where people go to learn, not to be incolcated into ancient hocus pocus that has no right to be so powerful in this day and age. If you want to raise your children in a specific faith, go right ahead. They're your kids, do what you bloody like. But dont expect that others should conform to your way of thinking. Governments and the educational systems of countries should be, in my view, 100% secular. Not be involved in any way with religion. Personally, If and when I have children of my own, they will be allowed to choose whether or not they want to be religious, but only when they are of an age where they can make that decision for themselves.

This mild, hyperbolic rant was inspired by this article and it got me annoyed. Its potato headed people like that, in my own country that really grind my friggin gears.

Now, for your delictation, a video of one of thee great men alive today. Christopher Hitchens.

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