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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey look! Its a rant!

Things I hate....

Slow walkers in front of me. Unless they are likely to break a hip if they fall over. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!


A commentary track on stand-up DVD's. Why!?

Any DVD commentary with just one person.

Any DVD commentary that waffles on about how some dick stick key grip hurt his back that day so they had to use the dolly...etc etc or any boring technical drivel.

Any DVD commentary that records two seperate sessions and edits them together. Here's an idea, get everyone in the room together? Im looking at you, Star Wars and Fight Club.

People in the university library who spend thier time on Facebook when there is a que of people waiting to print stuff.

Toothpaste stains on my shirt in the morning. You can wipe them away with a wet cloth but the fuckers always come back later in the day.

Praise for Dante's Inferno. I get it, he wrote a decent book. He helped create what was to become the Italian language we know today. He could rhyme like a mother fucker. He was also an arrogant, holier-than-thou douch bag with too much time on his hands and a hard-on for Virgil. Get over it.

When some of my favourite movies dont have a DVD commentary. Or when it has a pointless text commentary.


Forgetting my keys when leaving the house.

Calling cheese "red" cheese, where clearly it's orange.

Your face.

Online adverts for weight loss or teeth whitening.

"Single moms" not keeping the damn secret to themselves.

The shameless and ridiculously misleading online adverts for the game Evony. (Which is shite)

Coming up with a list of things to rant about and then forgetting them halfway through

Twilight and it's epic gayness

Lady GaGa

Shit remakes of classic movies. Clash of the Titans? Pah! I've had more entertaining bowel movements.

Watching all the Harry Potter movies in one day, realising that after the 1st one "they aint that bad" and being forced to wait till the next one comes along.

Realising you have no toilet paper mid way through a poo.


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  1. You make me so proud. A rant to be proud of.

    And Megavideo can suck my left one.