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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Pardon me boy, is that the Chattenooga choo choo? Track 29, oh wont you give me a shine... *JAZZ HANDS*

So yeah...i was trying to sleep but I decided to blog rondomness for a bit instead. So, whats new with me...well I broke up with the girlfriend a few weeks shin and surrounding area on my right leg is feeling strange riight now. Almost like there is preassure on it. Maybe I should see a doctor...or perhaps a masseues. I cant spell massuesus. Its a funny word anyway so fuck it.

Sorry, my internal monlogue thinks its Craig Ferguson lately (cue audience laughter) so I tend to ramble on pointlessly. Its about this time most nights that I get the idea to write things. I dont know why. I run through what I would write, in my head, and think to myself why are you writing it in your head? Just get a pen and paper or type it. And Then I think No, sure I'll do it after ive slept. By then ofcourse Ive forgotten all about it. I thinking I shouldve done that with this....

I know it says my next blog will be my fav Muse songs but im a mercurial bastard and I rarely follow through on anything if i dont do it straight away.

Lets see, what else...

Im feeling quite gassy at the moment, or "Farty" as the scottish Conan guy would say. Oh, my brother and his fiancé just had a baby. Well I say they, but really it was just her. Robin spent the day trying to sonogram his head so he could see his brain on the monitor. Epic win.

I have been severly strapped for cash the last couple of weeks. So much so that i managed to pay two weeks rent using 5, ten and 20p's! Ands ive eaten fuck all. Good news for for my waistline i guess. But huzzah! My poorness is soon to end as I am getting my dole money backdated! Or so im told. The Social welfare office isnt exactly a paradign of truth and virtue.

...yeeeah, definatly farty.

Man this really is a random blog isnt it? lol

I suppose i should wrap things up. And possibly go to the toilet. So on that bombshell...Goodnight everybody!

p.s: Any spelling or grammatical errors in this blog are the result of darkness, over-tiredness, laziness and fartiness.

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