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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vampires are Killers this has bugged me for a little while. When I was younger I watched Buffy and for the most part, Angel. And I enjoyed them. They were funny and entertaining shows. For the first few seasons at least. But ofcourse, then I grew up and got a little more sense. Vampires are supposed to be evil, soul-less blood sucking denizins of hell. Not attractive broody types who walk around in the day time, suducing teenage girls. Im talking to you Twillight author!!

I havent watched that movie, or read the book. I have better things to do. Like for example, pick fluff from my belly button, or laugh at people when they fall over in the street. This bullshit romanticising of Vampires has got to stop. The word "Vampire" originates from Kazan Tatar 'ubyr' meaning "witch." An Eastern European creature popularized in Eng. by late 19c. gothic novels, however there are scattered Eng. accounts of night-walking, blood-gorged, plague-spreading undead corpses.(taken from

Now, does that sound like a romantic creature to you? Do you really think that kind of thing would sit around in a victorian mansion, brooding all day long, surrounded by candles and reading books? No. It sounds fucking awesome. It sounds like a group of badass motherfukers who roam the lands looking to tear out the throat of their next victim.

So enough of this Interview with a Vampire, Angel, Twilight, True Blood crap! Hell, even the Vampires in Blade were gay as hell when you get right down to it.

Im with Guillermo del Toro on this one. I want my Vampires blood thirsty, disgusting, terrifying, undead monters with no remorse and no mercy!

Now, since I mentioned True Blood, I would to make a quick statement.

I have watched it. 3 episodes in fact. And all I can say is this: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?

Im tempted to keep watching just to see if the gorgeous Anna Paquin gets down and dirty like everyone seems to do in that show. God damn, there is a lot of sex in that show. Sex and fuckin pityful acting/dialogue. And as for the Vampires? Whats up with the lame ass fangs that pop out? Ive seen bigger fangs on a snake for gods sake.

Alas, this destruction of a great monster is not limited to Vampires. The tragic Blood and Chocolate relegates the kick ass Werewolf to just a normal, everyday run of the mill Wolf. Just a wolf. And guess what? The story revolved around a girl who fell in love with a guy (you know the type, sensitive upstanding guy, who just happens to be a "monster" but wants to nicer then his "evil" friends) God awful. Seriously. kinda getting a bit bored with all this typing. Im hungry....

Goodnight everybody!

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