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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Never in my life did I think I would feel the need to so closely follow the on-goings of Irish politics. The country is a mess. On the one hand, it's clear that a budget needs to be implemented and fast. Otherwise we'll wake up one day, go to an ATM and see nothing but the words "Insuffcient Funds" staring at us in the face. If a snap election is called, it will take weeks for a new budget to be drawn up. Thats not good news for anyone.

On the other hand, this proposed budget due to come in on the 7th of next month is, like Fintan O'Toole said, akin to shopping for condoms after you realise you're pregnant. It will be desperately put through (at least, thats the plan) by a government who are dead on their feet. The most likely winners of the election in the new year, Labour and Fine Gael, will be forced to stick to an agreement that they didnt even sign up for. Cowen and co will walk away from the Dáil, dust off their jackets and say "Well, it's you mess now, lads. Good luck"

What the hell like? This is what happens when kids run the sweet shop. The fuck it over (and in Cowen's case, eat all the sweets) Then go running to adults and ask them to come in and clean up.

The Republic of Ireland: 1916-2010. She was a fine experiment that was betrayed and killed by its own children.

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