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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Critical Mass

Is Wikileaks the shining beacon of hope we all want it to be or is it, like the Iranian government insist, a U.S State Dept ploy? This answer is obviously not the latter (crazy Iranians) but it may not be the former either. Wikileaks is without a doubt one of the most amazing things to happen in recent years. Anyone who values truth and freedom should, and probably do, admire and respect Julian Assange and the various pople connected to the website. In the world today, there are not enough men and women like him. At least, no one as well known. There are the Alex Jones, Jim Marrs and Jesse Ventura's of the world, but they are relatively unknown to the vast majority of the public.

Wikileaks has been around for a few years now and has broken some pretty huge stories. Their exposé of Scientology, the murder of Reuter's journalists and the thousands of documents the released on the wars in Afganistan and Iraq we're incredible. However this latest cablegate stuff is just immense. (side note: I hate how every controversial news story gets the "gate" treatment. Stop doing that!) Governments should be held accountable for what they do, but there is a risk of endangering people's lives when too much information is shared. I'm talking here of the cable released recently discussing locations that are vital to U.S interests. The only problem I have with this is the fact that there is the possibility that such sights ma become targets for "terrorist" bombings. I say "terrorist" because that word is really over used in the media but my point remains the same. Apart from that, I think the release of these documents is a great things. And here's why:

Knowledge is power.

For thousands of years, the ones with the knowledge, control the ones who dont. The world, if you look at it from a certain perspective, is an Orwellian dystopia and becomes so even more as time passes. Such a society can not exist if information is freely available to the mass populace. That is whats really scaring the U.S and various other power brokers. Wikileaks presents a threat to their very nature. If you cant control what the people know, you cant control the people. So they are fighting back in every way they can think of that wont cause all out revolt. Bullshit charges of sexual misconduct. Hacking the site into oblivion (though, like the Hydra, new ones continue to appear) Amazon taking back their servers, Paypal and Mastercard making it so Assange and co cant recive donations, his Swiss bank account being frozen due to him not providing correct details on where he lives. Please! If you read these stories, they just make you laugh!

The bank said: "(Mr) Assange cannot provide proof of residence in Switzerland and thus does not meet the criteria for a customer relationship with PostFinance. For this reason, PostFinance is entitled to close his account."

While Master Card opted for: "MasterCard said it was cutting off payments because WikiLeaks is engaging in illegal activity. "MasterCard rules prohibit customers from directly or indirectly engaging in or facilitating any action that is illegal," spokesman Chris Monteiro said."

Think about that for a moment. A Swiss bank closes an account because proof or residence cant be confirmed. You telling me that every single Swiss bank account holder lives in Switerland? Assange put Geneva as his residence. As, I am sure, many, many others do. It's bullshit. And as for Mastercard's pitiful excuse? How many criminals use credit cards? Its utter lunacy. It's as if you were to let ten thousand rats through your window, but tell one guy he cant come in because he wants to use the front door. (A very odd analogy, but its late, and I'm tired)

I could segway into a rant about the invisble empire or 'NWO' and incorporate all sorts of material ranging from documentaries, to video games, to comics; but I wont. Anyone who knows me knows that I love conspiracy theories and could talk about them for ever. This isnt the best platform to do that. However, I will add some links to news stories, websites and the names of some films you should watch and then you can make up your own minds as to how they are all connected to some degree. I personaly think we as a people are approaching a critical mass in terms of our understanding to whats really going on in the world. There are too many signs emerging for me to believe they are purely coincidental. There are 3 ways this will all end as far as i'm concerned: 1: They, whomever 'they' are, win. Perhaps they already have and now are just consolidating their power. 2: They fail due to information reaching the public and the public, en masse, finally wake up and take actual steps to prevent the End Game. or 3: I'm just a paranoid nut.

We shall find out in the coming future.

Below are the links :) (they just seem to be hidden for some reason. Move your curser down though and the links will highlight)

Good night, and good luck

Wikileaks Twitter

Cablegate Twitter

Twitter censorship of wikileaks?



The Obama Deception

Terror Storm

End Game

Fall of the Republic

Invisible Empire: A New World Order defined

Zeitgeist the Movie

Zeitgeist Addendum

Loose Change

Other ares of interest:

The Illuminati

The Knights Templar

The Bildeberg Group

The Tri-Lateral Commission

The Council on Forign Relations

The pc/xbox game series "Deus Ex" & Assassin's Creed

2012, the Annunaki, the Mithras storyline in the Deadpool comic, ancient astronaut theory and 'Chariots of the Gods' by Erich von Daniken

Jesse Ventura interviews and videos you come across.

These are just ideas on where to begin. You'll find various other sources online and in books.

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