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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Budget 2011 instant reaction

I have just spent the last couple of hours watching coverage of the Budget via RTE's online service. The quality was, at times, terrible as i was forced to continualy refresh the feed and thus missing large portions of what was being said. I dont know whether this was due to my connection being weak or if RTE's service is just pants. In either case, I felt the need to comment on what I heard.

At first glance, the Budget doesnt seem to be the extremely harsh one we were all led to believe it would be. Though it will obviously take time and various supplemenatry reports to make a full decision on this. Iwas very surprised that no increase in alcohol or tobacco was introduced. Dole payments are of course down, various taxes are up. To be honest, I dont feel qualified enough to go into these things. What I will say though is this: How does it benefit any nation to continually take money out of Health, Social Protection and Education?

In regards to the speeches made I thought Brian Lenihan was his usual confusing self. Though that may be due to my lack of understanding in regards to finance. He recieved several jeers and looked a bit like Donkey standing next to Shrek. Shrek being the mass of useless flesh sat next to him, Brian "Jabba" Cowen.

Michael Noonan was, from what I managed to hear, almost inspirational in my opinion. It was a great speech with a very apt Michael Collins quote at the end. Quite right that Minister Noonan was applauded at the end of it.

Joan Burtan was painful. I dont know enough to make a comment on her ability to do her job, but public speaking certainly isnt what she should do very often. Endless comparisons to America and a bizzare and cheesy High School Musical reference was just plain stupid and irelevant to me. She sounded like one of those school teachers who want to be popular with the kiddies. Though she did seem angry at the end of her speaking time, which was nice to see.

The last speech, and the one most interfered with in terms of RTE's pitiful streaming abilities, was the new Sinn Féin minister Pearse Doherty was in my view fantastic and awe inspiring. He encaptualted what we all are feeling. He, along with Minister Noonan gave suggestions on how all the FF cut backs cut have been avoided and he seemed genuinely angery and passionate about what he was saying and I respect him a lot for it.

I was utterly digusted however, that by the time Minister Doherty had a chance to speak, the Dáil had basicaly emptied. No Cowen, no Lenihan, No Kenny or Gilmore. In fact, I think I saw one Labour party TD and no FG TD's what so ever. FF had the Tainiste Mary Coughlan and another TD there, though I cant recall his name now. The Táinste spent most of the speech looking bored, disrespectal and constantly berrated and badgered Minister Doherty. Utter disgrace. The idea that 90+% of our elected officials dont see the need to listen to everyone and just get up and leave once they've said their peice makes me really angry. Sanctimonious, self-righteous bastards.

I never though id become involved in th politics of my Country, but the last few weeks have really shaken me up. I was even dissapointed to find out that due to me being in Italy, I will be unable to vote in the up-coming election. (Though I am still fairly cynical about elections in general)

I also never would have thought I would vote for anyone in Sinn Féin. But based on what I heard in the Dáil today, If I could, I would most likely vote for Pearse Doherty.


P.S: I'm quite liking the surge of Patriotism ive been feeling lately.

Here are Michael Noonan and Pearse Doherty's speeches:

Minister Noonan
Government accused of being 'socially blind' - RTÉ News

Minister Doherty:
Government accused of being 'socially blind' - RTÉ News

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