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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Im feeling lazy (whats new?) So Ive decided to (re)post something here, what I posted somewhere else, with a few amendments. Basically its a trip down memory lane, basking in the awesome cartoon-ness that was my childhood.

Bravestar. The cartoon about a sheriff and his anthropamorphic metal horse, fighting crime on a planet called "New Texas". I have been told this was the follow up to He-Man. I'll never forget the theme tune, but alas, the episodes have become lost in time.

Now this was superb cartoon-age. I was mad about this as a kid and while browsing in a shop a couple years back, found the first two episodes on dvd! Now my niece loves it ha! Have to hand it to the Phantom. He wore a purple, skin tight cat-suit, with a black eye mask, and he still wasnt as gay as Mandrake.

The oldest cartoon in this list, and the one I have almost zero memory of apart from the first half of the theme tune. Theme tunes for these shows kicked ass. Kids today dont know what they be missin I tells ya! Perhaps this is when my fascination with the Greek gods/mythology began?

Jayce and the wheeled warriors is a cartoon I had completely forgotten about until one day, while browsing through or a similiar site, I vaguely recalled the name. When I clicked on the link it was if a door opened in my brain and all this awesomeness poored out. I loved this show. I loved the song, I loved the characters, I had a crap load of the tiys. I miss my primary school days :(
Well, the after school, watch cartoons all afternoon days. School was shit.

Needs no introduction does this one. We all new it, we all loved it. I remember I managed to draw the turtles and splinter one day. I was so proud that I hung them on my bedroom wall. Splinter was so good, everyone thought it was drawn by someone else. Then one day I had a fit and tore them all down, along with several birthday cards. I have no idea why I did that, but I was bet stupid for it! lol. I cried and cried afterwords cus I missed my drawings.I was a weird kid.

HE-MAN. 'Nuff said

It's funny, alot of these cartoons have stayed with me because of the theme tune. But its kind of impossible these days to NOT know about the Transformers. Its the only cartoon I know abput that has a porno version. Tranny-formers. Eh, so im told.

It's about half 6 in the morning. Early 90's I think. Im 7 yeras old. Maybe 8. I have been woken early to be told that granny Murphy has passed away. My dad's mother. Im standing in the hallway. Im to young to understand but I know something is going on. Maybe i''ll get the day off school? better yet, since im awake, I can watch Thundercats!! Awesome.

Im noticing a trend here. Memories based on music and merchandise. (In fact, i had toys from a cartoon not in this list that i didnt even know was a cartoon!) Anyway, I cant actually remember WATCHING this show, but I must have because I knew the song, I knew some of the guys names and ofcourse, I had the toys. See, right there. That boat coming out of the car? I had that.

Skeleton warriors, even today as I watch this clip, kicks fuckin ass! Great sound track, great idea, great characters. Grimskull, hello? First time i can remember a cartoon character being in that "grey" area. Although he may not be as anti-hero as I remember, the sheer idea of him is enough for me to rate this as one of the best cartoons ever made.

From one of the best, to one of the lamest, hahaha. I used to watch this every afternoon when I got home from school. If memory serves, back then I knew it was cheesy and kind of crap, but it was a James Bond cartoon for cryin out loud!

I only rememberd this show last week as it happens. I was lying in bed, going through youtube watching the rest of these clips and a brief whisper in my mind said "cartoon that had mech machines, Virtual reality battles". Well, ok, it didnt say that but thats the theme im going for. I started thinking how in the hell I would find out a cartoons name, based solely on that description. Google, dont fail me now!
So I went a searching, and after randomly searching old cartoon forums, I took a chance on The Bots master. A name I didnt recognise. Wah hey! Success! Again that door flew open and the memory of a 3d cartoon with A FUCKIN ROBOT NINJA WITH MULTPLE ARMS AND A PLASMA SWORD!!! came flooding back to me. And what do kids have today? Ben fucking 10! Its a disgrace.

My first introduction to the X-Men. I hoenstly cant remember an earlier time of knowing about them. It paved the way to my longing to have super powers. Shame it had Jubilee as a character. She sucked.

Well folks, there you have it. That is how I spent the vast majority of my childhood. My formative years. Thanks a massive bunch to Shn for helping me out with the html code. Just one cartoon remains to be shared. One which I have just realised was way before it's time. It was clever, hilarious and filled with adult humour. No, not South Park. Not Family Guy. Ladies and Gentlemen, Its time for.............

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