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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fit the First

Well, here we go I guess. I just decided to start a Blog. A proper one, with its own page and everything! I have a lot of thoughts (see, right there you can tell it was a good idea to start reading. This guy, im sure your thinking, is deep) and, when i get around to it, I like writing so why not juxtapose the two. I'll start with a brief description of myself to get the ball rolling and then move on in to other territories.

The first problem is...I can never describe myself well because im pretty much in a state of flux as far as personality and tastes go.
Im 26, Im currently a Student at NUIG, I have pretty bad spelling and awful grammar at times (not so far. I think) I spend way to much time on the internet...mainly watching vids on youtube.

I enjoy documentaries but only when im in certain moods. I like knowledge and learning just for the sake of it. I rarely get to use said knowledge to my benefit though. I tend to have all of my best thought out opinions when nobody is around to hear them. Im more of a night person...which is a good and bad thing i guess. I sleep alot being the downside of that.

I have been told by many that I am intelligent, funny and witty, however I am none of these when I try. I tend to just come of as a dick when that happens.

Relationship wise, im kind of in a self imposed hiatus right now. Myself and the missis have been going through what seems like an extended bad patch with sporadic moments of fun and contentment. She does alot of things that piss me off and I do alot that she hates. The distance bewteen us, geographically, probably has the most to do with the fighting but there are many other difficulties aswel. I wont go into them here because after nearly 3 years together, they just seem insane. Suffice to say, I find myself having to really look at the situation and try to figure out, once and for all, what the next step should be.

I am currently unemployed, but to be honest, I dont really mind. The only jobs ive ever had were working in supermarkets or pulling pints (badly) in a pub. I envy those people who know, in their gut, what it is they want to do and go after that feeling. I have friends who are photographers, film makers, run their own business's (if thats wrong, its because i can never spell that right and i cant be arsed using google right now) I however have absolutley no clue what sort of job or career i want. Im doing a degree in Italian and Celtic Civilisation for fuck sake! lol What will that get me?!?

I wouldnt mind running a small tour guide operation in Italy or Greece one day. Maybe a beach front bar or restaurant in Crete. I was in Crete in May. Hersonissos. Great place. You should go. But ofcourse, in order for those pipe dreams to work out, i need money. To get that, a job and so on and so forth. The phrase "Stage one: Collect underpants..." springs to mind.

Actually, recently I have been thinking about how cool it would be to get a career in Demolition. Like rigging buildings to collapse or working the wrecking ball! Ha. All of this from an almost broke 26 year old student who makes procrastination an art form.

I often think i have developed alot slower than my biological clock is aware of. When I was 16 for example, I sat at home on weekends and watched WWF Raw and Smackdown, alone, while other kids my age went out to clubs and parties etc. Now, ten years later, I have the mindset and maturity of a 16 year old. Although I still do sit alone at home lol.

Ive never been able to do the "make friends" thing very well. I have friends ofcourse, but either they live in other parts of the country, or in other countries entirely. Im not sure how i got on to this subject and I have suddenly realised that technically, im talking to myself. I have no idea who will read this, if anyone, but i find that once I start typing i drift into a monologue. Its as if Im narrating. Its how I write things I guess. Write as if im talking to someone. I did that in a story I wrote once. I say story, it was more a derivative, unfinished collection of 6 "chapters". I might post it here actually.

Man, I have to congratulate you if your still reading this. I lost interest about ten minutes ago!

I suppose I should wrap this up. Its 08:54 on Sunday Morning July 19th und this is me signing off.

Goodnight everybody!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging dude! I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do.

    Out of curiousity, how does somebody decide to study Italian and Celtic Civilisation?

  2. I know, right? lol

    I started out wanting to do Spanish and Classics but over the year I got more into Italian. I decided to keep on Celtic Civ because not much is know about early Irish mythology and language. Its alot more open to interpretation. The Literature side of things especially. The mystery side of things appealed to me alot more than Roman architecture of the late Republic period. Besides, any culture that includes "Hulk" like anger transformations, people being killed with cheese, cyborgs and flying harps that can kill you is a culture I want to learn more about! lol.

    Thanks for the welcome :)

  3. You know that annoying song about 12 minutes into Silent Running that sounds like some ungodly hybrid of Joan Baez, Helen Ready, and Dana? Yeah, it was playing in the background while I read this post, lending it an even greater air of whacked-out melancholy and self-flagellation (or perhaps that's just me wanting to shoot myself when I hear it.)

    As with Mr. Costigan, welcome to Bloggyland and all the attendant narcissism and repetitious observations citizenship confers! Oh we '80s children loves us some self-reflection. I blame Voltron. Possibly lawn darts. Or early exposure to the disfiguring shoulder pads virus. Looking forward to your future posts. Don't forget to let your rant flag fly. Loves me a good rant. Include flying harps where possible.

    Ciao bello.

    P.S. "I envy those people who know, in their gut, what it is they want to do and go after that feeling." You and me both sister. I keep tromping up and down the Road to Damascus, but the damn light is always shining on the other lane.