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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A nice Sunday afternoon...

Ah, that was a pleasent day. I enjoy random encounters with people I know. Not that well, but its rare i see anyone I recognise in this city, so it was a welcome change.

I got up, as you do on a Sunday, around 4pm. Rubbed the crust from my eyes, had a pee, checked my mail and had a smoke. Usual thing to do when I awaken. I recently purchused an item from a website and after reviewing the recipt, realised I had put down the wrong adress. D'oh! So as the address was convieniently, just around the corner, I made up my mind to inform the occupants that a package would soon be arriving and could they contact me when it did. Grand I thought, thats that taken care of. Now what?

Since its the Arts Festival, i decided to take a walk around town. So I meandered down shop street, not knowing where I would end up. I passed through a market, which I can only describe as "Hippy Heaven". All sorts of trinkets and do-hickies, hats, shirts, bags, ankle bracelets (which a mother tried to convience her teenage daughter, also doubled as hair beads. The daughter was having none of it.) and all sorts of junk that hippies seem to love. As i approached a Faloffel stand and some near by dancing minions, I thought it best to find the quickest exit, lest I be acossted by some scruffy turd named "moonbeam", trying to sell me healing crystals.

As I walked down the street, the fading music and new age love-in behind me, I heard my name being called. It was a friend sitting outside a pub with two people I recognised from Spanish class. "Will ya have a pint?" . I pondered briefly. Having not eaten anything since the chocolate muffin I had at 4.Am that morning, I weighed the pro's and cons. "Sure why not" was my response. Fuck it, its not like i have to be up for work in the morning, is it?

We passed the hours talking about this and that. Met a Japaneese guy called "Nemo" from Yokohama and I discovered that you can put an image on practically anything, as long as your dark room is big enough. Ideas abound!

Ive only been up for 6 hours or so but already im quite sleepy and I very much look forward to watching Forbidden Planet.

All in all, a short day, but a good one.

Goodnight everybody!

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