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Monday, July 20, 2009

Scientology and Youtube

So, how about that Scientology, eh?

Do you know what bugs me? No, its not the bullshit propaganda. Nor is it the human rights violations apparantly commited by the "church". Nor is it even David Miscavaige's stupid douche bag face. No, what bugs me most about Scientology are those brain dead "victims" who leave the "religion" crying and complaining and expecting sympathy for handing over their life savings to a group of *insert hilarious insult here*.

"I was a scientologist for 20 years and I gave them $40,000. Now im broke and my family hates me."


What in gods name did you expect? A farewell party and a cactus? Look at all of the other established, ACTUAL religions in the world. How many of them demand you pay them ridiculous amounts of money for tests you dont fucking need in the first place? "Oh im terribly sorry, but Budda says you cannot reach enlightenment until you pay us what we need. Please re-morgage your house and try again."

"I stared into a mans eyes for an hour and a half. Next thing I know, i was signing my name to a peice of paper and gave him my Building Society details. That way, they could take what ever money they wanted, whenever the wanted."


Anyone who is that dumb DESERVES to be robbed blind. Hey, while your being an idiot, why not invest in some of that homeopathy horse shit? Watch "The O'Reily Factor" as a factual news program? People like you are the reason con men exist. Do us all a favour and eat your own cock.

Im usually all for the Scientology bashing, but seeing interviews on youtube of these people and their stories pissed me right off. Dont get me wrong, Im happy people are coming out against them. Anonymous rocks my socks, but if you do leave the "church", dont fucking whinge about how much money you lost because you were to fucking stupid to realise what was going on!

Now, as for youtube...I have an entirely different beef with that. First off, this "did he dided?" bullshit has gone on for far to long and needs to fucking end. NOW!

Yes seeing the man fall down a flight of stairs is funny. Thats why its on the internet. There is absolutely no reason, intelligent or other wise, to ask if the man in said video perished due to his injuries. Its not cute, its not funny its just fucking annoying. I dont mind when certain terms make their way into every day internet speak. I use some of those words. However, I do have a problem when that mind numbingly pointless shit starts popping up everywhere I look. Fuck off back to /b/ and stay there!

Now while im on the subject of youtube and fucking annoying, I want to address something that i have just become aware of. Being the shining example of slowness that I am, I was late in seeing a series of videos in relation to a kid who became affectionatly known as "homo kid". While funny for the first ten seconds, I realised something. This kid was literally bullied off youtube. Thats not fucking right. Video after video was posted making fun of this kid. By people of ALL ages. Seriously. I found a middle aged guy making fun of him. The child in question is ten years old or there abouts. Obviously from a fundamentalist christian family. So due to his upbringing, AND BEING A FUCKING CHILD!, he has some pretty ignorant views on certain issues.

Youtube is a place where people can pretty much do what they want. If you want to flame a guy for his stupid hair, go ahead. If some guy wants to video tape himself peeing into his brothers cornflakes, I'll watch for the lulz. But if your sole purpose is to shit all over a little kids only means of expressing himself, regardless of how misguided he is, then you have fucking serious problems and I hope you die of severe anal tearing. Gay jokes are funny to a point, but straight out hatred and bullying proves your nothing more than dirt to be scraped off my shoe.

I would like to round off this lecture by going over a few questons about Scientology's marketing and branding.

Firstly, the most obvious question I need to ask is "What happend to Zenu?"

Anyone who has read up on the history of Scientology knows that the Zenu story was, and some say still is, the foundation on which everything was built. Thats no way to treat your heritage! Completely disregarding your god because others find it hilarious. How about some damn pride, eh?

Also, what gives with the logo? Now im no iconographer, but doesnt that bere a striking resemblance to a certain OTHER, far more established cross? Are we to believe Christ was a Scientologist? Surely not. For one, my homeboy JC wasnt down with the whole "Celebrity status" thing. And im pretty sure there were no E-Meters in Jeruselem. Then again, the 3 wise men did bring him gold when he was born so I could be mistaken.

Secondly, why is it I never see any google ads promoting Or any other website connected to Islam, Judaism, Hindism or Christianity? Its only fair they get in on some of that action.

Thus endith the lesson children. Go in peace.

In the name of the father, the son and Samuel L. Jackson.


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